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Why Should You Consider Using Sex Toys for Pleasure

There are so many people out there that do not understand whether or not women actually like sex toys. Some women feel embarrassed to admit the fact that they own sex toys More »


The Art of Getting Her to Orgasm

Getting your woman to climb the heights of passion and reach the ultimate release of an orgasm, can be the greatest gift you give her. With a little know-how, and possibly a More »

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10 Interesting Sex Facts!

We all engage in it, be it in a straight, gay, or trans relationship.  Even if we’re all by our lonesome, we still find a way to get our freak on.  So More »


Very few women talk about orgasm

After finding no answers from talking to experts, I decided to do my own research by talking to women I came across in everyday life. I wrote about some of my experiences and conclusions and then asked women whether they would be willing to read what I had written. I made it clear that there was no obligation for reviewers to comment. The first point to note More → The post Very few women talk about orgasm appeared first on Ways Women Orgasm. Read More

How A Computer Simulation Showed Me The Cost Of Female Sexual Freedom

It is August 13, the temperature is 28 degrees Celsius, there is not a cloud in the sky. About 10 meteres beneath me, beautiful, half-naked Croatian girls immerse themselves in the shadow of my beach house. My brothers and I are pretty much royalty here. As I sit here relaxing, Johnny Cola in hand, cigar blowing gently in the breeze, I wonder: how is it that despite the exceptional gamut of beautiful women in my city, there is still a clear difference in quality between the women who bathe on this side of Biograd, and those who chat up the Read More

At Least I Know My Tinder Photos Look Like Me …

As I've mentioned a couple of times, the Friday before last, I was lucky enough to get tickets to be in the audience of The Last Leg. It was a great way to spend a Friday evening, and during the show a couple of friends noticed me laughing away in the audience. Before the show went live, they asked us to pre-record a clip. As some of you know, Ian Botham made the news the week before last by allegedly having his Twitter account hacked. The other, more likely, scenario, is that he tweeted a photo he Read More

Like a AAA Tour Guide for Sex Toy Reviews

I'm going to start a new little project, and I can't do it alone. But hey, it benefits you! My reviews here are a good balance of subjective and objective, but sometimes they tip the scales into more subjective. Which is really why I started reviewing in the first place – I had a hard time figuring out if a sex toy was going to work out for me without reading about other people's experiences. But when I talk about how well a toy did (or didn't) work out for me, that opinion isn't going to apply to everyone. Read More

Honesty – My Best Policy

I've always been a bit soap opera fan. As a child, the highlight of my weekday evenings was 5pm for Home Away on ITV, and 5.35 for Neighbours on BBC1! As an adult, the only reason I bought a digital recorder was so that I could record the E4 edition of Hollyoaks each night, and be one step ahead of on demand television! And if there's one underlying moral to British soap operas, it's that honesty is the best policy. (OK, that and if you murder someone, you will get caught, no matter what ….!) All jokes aside though, the advice Read More