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Why Should You Consider Using Sex Toys for Pleasure

There are so many people out there that do not understand whether or not women actually like sex toys. Some women feel embarrassed to admit the fact that they own sex toys More »


The Art of Getting Her to Orgasm

Getting your woman to climb the heights of passion and reach the ultimate release of an orgasm, can be the greatest gift you give her. With a little know-how, and possibly a More »

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10 Interesting Sex Facts!

We all engage in it, be it in a straight, gay, or trans relationship.  Even if we’re all by our lonesome, we still find a way to get our freak on.  So More »


Why You Should Emulate Jim Bob Duggar Of “19 Kids And Counting”

Jim Bob Duggar is the patriarch on TLC's reality television show “19 Kids and Counting.” Yes, Jim Bob has nineteen children—all by his wife Michelle. Jim Bob and his wife are devout Christians who take the Bible literally when it says that “children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” so they have tried to have as many children as possible. While you might not subscribe to Jim Bob's religion or want such a large brood, there are lots of reasons to aspire to be like him. Jim Bob gets as much sex as Read More

The Advantages Of Dating In A Foreign Language

She turned up a half hour late, although she only lived a few minutes away. I banked on it, so I wasn't waiting long. I used the time to grab the number of a passing 8. It always helps to be as ambivalent as possible on a date; nothing speaks louder than actions. If all you can think about is the hot brunette that gave you the eye, the girl you are with is going to sense it in your cheeky confidence. Her delay had been spent on hair and make-up, which was appreciated because she looked sexy and fresh. Her Read More

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. – Marcus Tullius Cicero The importance of gratitude in the character of the masterful man is undeniable. The master feels gratitude for himself, for his own noble identity as a man, even for the various vicissitudes that life throws at him to chisel him into evolving into a higher individual, and so on. But the concept of gratitude has however become a very complicated subject, especially in today's increasingly amoral times, where it has sometimes even been used by some to psychologically enslave others. Furthermore, more often than Read More

3 Reasons You Should Lift Weights

Growing up, every boy wants to be so strong as to move mountains with one hand. This is a completely natural tendency, but going through the educational system of SJW brainwashing, their natural instinct to move, compete, and conquer the environment is smothered. In school, boys learn to shut up, sit down, and generally be as weak as possible, so as to not cause discomfort to females, which are usually in the majority of authority positions in the education system. Of course, females would prefer physically weak boys, since they tend to also be mentally weak and thus much easier Read More

In Praise Of The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

First of all, this article is not condoning male thirst, nor is it meant to put the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on a pedestal. Frankly, I don't even like American “Football” or the NFL in general. My inner libertarian despises the blue pill military worshiping culture surrounding it, and there are plenty of constructive things I could be doing with my time beyond watching multi-millionaire human rhinoceros barge into each other for more than three hours on a precious weekend. More than anything else, this article is giving praise to the organization of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The powers behind the iconic cheerleading Read More