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Why Should You Consider Using Sex Toys for Pleasure

There are so many people out there that do not understand whether or not women actually like sex toys. Some women feel embarrassed to admit the fact that they own sex toys More »


The Art of Getting Her to Orgasm

Getting your woman to climb the heights of passion and reach the ultimate release of an orgasm, can be the greatest gift you give her. With a little know-how, and possibly a More »

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10 Interesting Sex Facts!

We all engage in it, be it in a straight, gay, or trans relationship.  Even if we’re all by our lonesome, we still find a way to get our freak on.  So More »


How To Recognize Meaningless Rhetoric From Masters Of Deception

Identifying and understanding the use of rhetoric is an excellent way to defend yourself against progressive poison. It is an equally good thing to apply against those who cannot be reasoned with logically. First, it is necessary to understand the distinction between logic on one hand, and rhetoric on the other. Then, we will look at examples and explore why one is more politically useful than the other. When we consider logic, we are talking about the soundness and validity of arguments. Soundness deals with whether the argument is properly constructed and whether the premises lead to the conclusion, and an Read More

Special Offer – City Matchmaker Valentine’s Masked Ball

This February, elite dating company City Matchmaker will be hosting a spectacular event, inspired by the traditional Venetian masquerade ball. With disguise being at the heart of this event, you will find yourself intrigued by hidden identities and you may even find your Romeo or Juliet. Cost: If you're a City Matchmaker VIP Member, tickets are £65. Tickets are available for non-members for £85. 30 Dates readers can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount by entering the code – 30DATES1202 Ticket price includes: A glass of bubbly on arrival Wine and canapés throughout the evening A Venetian mask for you to keep as a souvenir! When: Thursday Read More

Why Long Distance Can Work Wonders

When I first met the Rugby Boy, a boyfriend was the farthest thing from my mind. I was three weeks away from the UK Dating Awards, plus working three days a week for Time Out. I barely had a minute to myself, and was averaging about 5 hours sleep a night. To top it all off, as soon as the Awards were over, I was planning six weeks on the opposite side of the world. Six weeks to recuperate, and ‘date Down Under' as part of my 30 Dates Around the World challenge … It's cliche, but Read More

5 Hobbies To Cultivate Your Masculinity

In The Way of Men, Jack Donovan writes about what it means to be a man. He postulates that it comes down to embodying four key masculine virtues: strength, courage, mastery, and honor. These are the virtues that made men the most “successful” in primal tribe-based cultures based in warfare and survival—and they translate to modern society as well. While there are a lot of important traits for men to embody, these are probably the top four that make us most respected by other men, and desired by women. In this article I'll focus on offering a set of hobbies that serve to Read More

The Heinous Incorporation of “Sorry” Into the Male Vernacular

Many of us were raised to demonstrate good manners—say “please” and “thank you,” do not talk with your mouth full, knock before entering (the validation of that rule is a story for another time), avoid interrupting someone while they speak—but somehow, somewhere along the way, being a passive, fault-bearing pushover was incorporated into the unwritten list of appropriate social behavior for men. This societal defect is due to the fact that many of us younger men were also raised to get in touch with our sensitive sides (i.e. feminine sides). Gone now are the masculine influences that helped mold the exemplars Read More