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Why Should You Consider Using Sex Toys for Pleasure

There are so many people out there that do not understand whether or not women actually like sex toys. Some women feel embarrassed to admit the fact that they own sex toys More »


The Art of Getting Her to Orgasm

Getting your woman to climb the heights of passion and reach the ultimate release of an orgasm, can be the greatest gift you give her. With a little know-how, and possibly a More »

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10 Interesting Sex Facts!

We all engage in it, be it in a straight, gay, or trans relationship.  Even if we’re all by our lonesome, we still find a way to get our freak on.  So More »


Young and sexy

A young and sexy woman complained about the male attention she got every time she left the hostel on 42nd Street, Manhattan, dressed in her high heels and low cleavage. Yes, well... It is relatively easy for a woman to attract a man's attention by enhancing her looks. It is more difficult for her to cash in on the advantage by enjoying orgasm during sex. Women are More → The post Young and sexy appeared first on Ways Women Orgasm. Read More

Sex experts deal with sexual dysfunction

In the film ‘Doc Hollywood' (1991) Bridget Fonda asks Michael J Fox whether doctors know more about sex than normal people. This is a natural mistake to make because of the misconception that sex is a mechanical or biological aspect of our bodies. In fact, doctors are unlikely to know any more about sex than the rest of us. Sex is primarily about our psychology and More → The post Sex experts deal with sexual dysfunction appeared first on Ways Women Orgasm. Read More

What It’s Like To Date A Strong And Independent Woman

I consider myself a pretty lucky man. I've been blessed with the good fortune of having a great father that taught me a lot about life. I also have a great mother who has stood by his side for over three decades. I had the privilege growing up in a household where respect was of paramount importance and traditional gender roles were on active display, giving me a red pill mindset from a young age. Unfortunately, one belief that made its way into my head and stayed there for many years is that an independent, well educated, and high earning woman Read More

Masturbation Monday: Brides and Flappers Edition

In the past, I've linking to some hot porn shoots during weekly “Masturbation Monday” posts – but I've decided to switch things up a bit. From now on, Masturbation Monday will be a weekly list of awesome sex blogger posts that I've read during the past week! Hopefully, this will add a little spice to your boring Monday! View from the Bridal Suite from Lady Pandorah - The lovely Lady P is now a Mrs. P, and I absolutely loved reading this story about her wedding night. I can only hope that my wedding night is that hot someday! Flappers, Jazz and Read More

The Pitiful Story Of The Italian Man

I was on my third date with a Russian girl in Moscow. She was quite pretty, feminine, and affectionate. We had passed the kissing and hand-holding stage by the end of the first date, but now I was hitting a wall: I couldn't get her back to my apartment. She would just refuse and insinuate that she preferred to move slowly. This was most disconcerting, so I tried to gain additional information that could explain the problem and provide a possible opening for me to take advantage of. “When was the last time you had sex?” I asked. “Six weeks ago,” she Read More