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How to pick up chicks in Sydney

Mystified how one can live in a city as massive and cosmopolitan as Sydney, Australia, and still struggle to get women? With a guarded attitude that comes with living in such a big metropolis, getting some can be a challenge. By knowing where to go and what to do though, learning how to pick up chicks in Sydney will prove to be easier than you originally thought. Hit the beach In Sydney, the subtropical climate means that the numerous excellent beaches found within and near city limits

How Much?! Totting Up the Bill On Famous First Dates!

Ever watched a Hollywood movie and thought ‘that would never have happened in real life?!' Of course you have … Apparently fairytale romance comes with a price, as when it comes to love and movies, first dates often prove costly. American food brand Shari's Berries have done some fun research this week – working out exactly how much was spent on dates in a whole range of films, as well as whether the couple found true love in the end or not! The quintessential dating film of our youth … And a realistic date setting! (Though that's still well over Read More

My First Dating Blog Post for Time Out Global!

It's definitely been a week of career highlights for me! Last Tuesday, my dating advice appeared in the Time Out London magazine for the first time. At Valentine's Day morning, Radio Four asked me to discuss Online Dating on the Today Programme, an opportunity which saw me sitting beside Nicholas Parsons in the studio. And then yesterday, my first weekly blog post about Global Dating launched on the Time Out Global site! If you want to read what I had to say … check it out here! Miss Twenty-Nine xxx Read More

My Single Friend and Thames Clippers Team Up For A Night To Remember

Last week online dating site My Single Friend teamed up with Thames Clippers for a dating experience which would span London. We sent Miss 32 along to review the night. It's not every day you get the opportunity to cruise down the Thames after dark and sail over the Wharf in a Cable Car all whilst surrounded by some fellow London singletons. Well that was exactly how I was lucky enough to spend my evening last week. The unique combination of dating and experiencing some of the best London sights at night came from the pairing of 2 very well known Read More

First Date Deadlines … How Long Would You Wait?

Something I'm often asked, is whether there are any set rules you can follow when it comes to dating. How long should you wait before texting someone? How quickly should you reply to a text message? Should your text message be a certain length? Does certain behaviour look too keen? Personally, I'm not a big fan of rules. I get that sometimes we lose our heads, when it comes to dating, and it can be easier to control yourself, when you follow a specific set of instructions. But … in all honesty, any man or Read More