5 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian Woman

So you’ve met a beautiful Ukrainian woman online. You’ve exchanged dozens of romantic emails, spent hours talking to each other on the phone, and now it’s finally time for your first date. We can help you turn it into a fantastic experience with these 5 tips:


1.Be a gentleman

Ukrainian women are independent and believe in gender equality. However, equality doesn’t mean throwing good manners out of the window. Any Ukrainian woman enjoys being treated like a lady, so don’t forget to open doors for your date and help her to her chair when you are at a restaurant.

When the evening is getting closer to its end, offer to pay the bill and help your date with her coat. And don’t forget to walk her home, or at least pay for the taxi. Your date will definitely notice and appreciate these small gestures.

2.Give her flowers or a small gift

Ukrainian women like feeling special, so make sure you buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers or bring a small gift for your date. If you opt for flowers, red roses are a good choice, but basically any flowers will do if don’t go cheap. Otherwise, your date might come to the conclusion that you don’t value her enough.

As for presents, you could give a Ukrainian woman a fancy box of chocolates or something from your country, like a local delicacy or traditional accessories. However, stay away from anything too expensive as your Ukrainian date might think you are trying to impress her with your wealth instead of your personality.

3.Compliment her beauty

Ukrainian women are proud of their good looks and work hard to stay attractive, so don’t hesitate to comment on your date’s beautiful hair-do or nice perfume. If you feel bold enough to compliment a Ukrainian woman on her physical features on a first date, tell her you like her smile or her eyes, but don’t go any further than that.

4.Dress well

You don’t have to wear a suit, jeans and a T-shirt are perfectly fine. But make sure your clothes and shoes are clean. If you go on a date with a Ukrainian woman in scruffy clothes or in your sports gear, she might think you don’t care about her enough to dress appropriately.

5.Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, sooner or later, your date will definitely find out you have tried to deceive her. Making up stories or exaggerating your achievements doesn’t make any sense if you want your potential Ukrainian bride to love you for who you are. Be yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin, and you will definitely score a second date with a Ukrainian woman.

if you follow these steps you can get her even if she has a boyfriend, so don’t wait, the girl of your dreams is at your fingertips (hopefully)!