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4 Ways To Inject Some Life Into A Bachelor Party

Nothing spells debauchery like a good old fashioned bachelor party. The mistake a lot of people make is being ill-prepared. These parties can get pretty rowdy, but a good buck’s night isn’t going to take care of itself. The celebration needs to start and finish with a bang, but you’ve got make sure it stays lively in the middle, too. Here are four ways you can inject some life into a bachelor party. Pick an activity all guests will enjoy It might sound obvious, but one of the easiest

Mayhem Strippers – “THE World Of Topless Waiters / Lesbian Doubles / Female Strippers” – In Its Own Right

What you want to know is where you can find the BEST female strippers in Brisbane, lesbian doubles and topless waiters in Sydney, and the answer is right here at Mayhem Strippers. Some of the sexiest ladies work here, their portfolios bespeaking of themselves. Probably, you are on the lookout for the most unforgettable and hottest professional live entertainment in your vicinity but don’t yet know the place. Mayhem strippers offer one of the most stimulating environs with some of the best

How To Choose a Stripper!

Most people do not want to talk about this since it is quite a taboo subject but we all love a good striptease show from time to time. If you are looking for a stripper, it is so easy to end up lost in a sea of opportunities. The number of men and women that offer stripping services is huge at the moment. It is difficult to choose so we will try to help you by offering really simple to understand tips that will count a lot at the end of the day. Choose An Agency, Not An Individual One of the