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Can you fall in love with your sex buddy?

Have you ever had a sex buddy before? You know, the sort of special friend that you call upon when you get a bit aroused and want to have some easy quality time. It’s not a thing that everyone goes through but a lot of us have had that kind of relationship, and it certainly adds a few benefits to our everyday lives. However easy it all is, there are some risks involved, the main one being that the more you have sex with someone, the more you get attached to them. So what do you do when you

10 Interesting Sex Facts!

We all engage in it, be it in a straight, gay, or trans relationship.  Even if we’re all by our lonesome, we still find a way to get our freak on.  So it’s no wonder that the wide world of sex is filled with innumerable interesting sex facts that range from the amusing to the downright bizarre.  If you have little else going tonight, or you’re just looking for a convenient distraction, read on below for 10 facts that will surprise, shock, and amaze you… 1) The world’s biggest race When