10 Interesting Sex Facts!

We all engage in it, be it in a straight, gay, or trans relationship.  Even if we’re all by our lonesome, we still find a way to get our freak on.  So it’s no wonder that the wide world of sex is filled with innumerable interesting sex facts that range from the amusing to the downright bizarre.  If you have little else going tonight, or you’re just looking for a convenient distraction, read on below for 10 facts that will surprise, shock, and amaze you…

red lips

1) The world’s biggest race

When you’re attempting to give rise to a tribe of little runners with your partner, the biggest race on earth is taking place starting from the moment of completion.  Upon ejaculation, up to 300 million sperm are unleashed, all after one singular goal: to be the first one to fertilize the 1-2 eggs that lie at the end of the fallopian tubes.  Think about the odds being laid on betting for the winner in a race like that!

2) When getting laid is a matter of life or death

Some guys or girls, after going for a certain length of time without getting lucky, swear that they are going to die if they don’t score soon. If you’re a female ferret, this situation is truly a matter of life or death. When they go into heat, the elevated levels of oestrogen can cause aplastic anemia in their bone marrow, which can kill them if they go too long without having sex.

3) Gentlemen … think twice before cooling off in the Amazon River

Ahhh!  After enduring the balmy tropical heat of the Amazonian region of Brazil, you finally decided to take a dip against the advice of your guides.  Not fearing piranhas, you feel like the bigger man after refreshing yourself in the lukewarm but murky waters of the Amazon.

OH MY GODDDDDDDDD MY DICCKKKK you scream a short time later, totally bewildered and in extreme pain.  You just fell victim to the Candiru, a nearly transparent eel like parasite fish that has a sordid history of swimming up the urethras of the penises of unsuspecting male swimmers, whereupon they clamp into the flesh within, feasting on the blood contained in the easily accessible blood vessels.

Surgery for this extremely embarrassing predicament is required, and death can result if it is not treated promptly.

4) Who needs airbags when you have 38KKK size breasts?

In the United States, a woman by the name of Sheryl Hershey, certified as the owner of the world largest set of surgically implanted breasts, claimed that her bosoms saved her from a slate of bad decisions that she made on a Super Bowl Sunday in the recent past.  Driving home drunk without a seatbelt, Sheryl drove her ride off the road and into a tree.  Apart from (ahem) a sore chest, Sheryl walked away from the wreck without any other injuries.

5) The antioxidant and antidepressant between your legs

Apart from feeling really good, orgasms also have tangible health benefits.  When you reach climax, a hormone called oxytocin gets released, which has been proven to lower your blood pressure.  Additionally, endorphins get released as well, which helps to chase away the debilitating effects of depression.

6) Hey baby, did you remember to bring the Schwangerschaftsverhütungsmittel?

In Germany, the word for condom is (deep breath!) … Schwangerschaftsverhütungsmittel!  So if you’re headed over there for Oktoberfest, be sure to remember to bring your own party hats, lest you have to say this tongue twister!

7) Apparently, Kim Jong-Il was quite the stud…

According to the 110% reliable North Korean book of records, the member of Dear Leader must have had all the ladies of Pyongyang swooning, as it measured in at the envy-inducing length of … 3 feet, 4 inches.  Yeah baby!

8) Hot and bothered in Sweden, and nary a love glove to be found?  Call the condom ambulance.

Getting amorous with your main squeeze in Sweden, only to realize that its past midnight, and the local pharmacy, supermarket and any other purveyors of jimmy hats are closed?  I hate that too.  In this incredibly progressive country though, they have come up with the perfect solution to a situation that can result in STD transmission or accidental pregnancies … the condom ambulance.  One call, and you’ve got a hook up that will allow you to get back to lovin’, without nagging concerns ruining the mood.

9) Bang your way to a bangin’ body

Letting yourself slide a little lately in the gut department?  Battle back against the bulge by getting it on.  For every 30 minutes spent doing the horizontal rumba, test subjects have burned about 200 calories on average.

10) A Zombie apocalypse has depopulated the planet? No problem, the dudes are on the case…

In case you have ever worried about an apocalyptic event such as a zombie plague wiping about humanity as we know it, never fear.  For every fertile human male that exists, he produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet.  Now that you’ve found the Alexandria Safe Zone … it’s time to let the real “work” begin!