Mayhem Strippers – “THE World Of Topless Waiters / Lesbian Doubles / Female Strippers” – In Its Own Right

Hiring topless waiters is just one service that Mayhem Strippers offers, among many others ... photo by CC user 69806044@N00 on Flickr

What you want to know is where you can find the BEST female strippers in Brisbane, lesbian doubles and topless waiters in Sydney, and the answer is right here at Mayhem Strippers. Some of the sexiest ladies work here, their portfolios bespeaking of themselves.

Probably, you are on the lookout for the most unforgettable and hottest professional live entertainment in your vicinity but don’t yet know the place. Mayhem strippers offer one of the most stimulating environs with some of the best local adult entertainment. At mayhem, female strippers are not just pretty faces and sexy bodies—they are meant to deliver and count. Let these girls show you what exactly ‘raunchiness’ means!


Are you bored of the strut his stuff on stage? You are invited to bring them to your table and see the magic work right into your night. At Mayhem, the topless male waiters stand to deliver your food, drinks and more to meet all your multifarious cuisine needs.

These guys are not just unbelievably sexy but charming and confident as well and simultaneously approachable and friendly – a rare breed indeed. What better combo can you expect? A gorgeous body and a good attitude!


They are out to do exactly what you want them to do – play the good boy or the bad! You’ll find it extremely difficult to choose one among them – with a medley of lean or muscle-bound sexy bodies, you can just ill afford to settle for a particular one. However, for your special wedding night, it’s just the more the merrier – the exhilarating variety of topless waiters is just perfect to knock your pants over.

Mayhem Strippers is out to make your wildest fantasies a reality – with the best double lesbian show in Sydney! You can turn your party into a jaw-dropping experience easily – these stunning ladies exploring each other’s mouth-watering bodies along with all their moans, whimpers and squeaks will be moments of intense arousal for you and your pals.

Want to make your night naughty and leave a stiff impression on your guests? Do it with mayhem strippers’ sizzling double lesbian show by creating an erotic memory of a lifetime! These double lesbian acts can be hired for all kinds of adult-themed parties and can easily up the erotic quotient by several notches.

The girl-on-girl acts by sexy and naughty performers have an amazing power to fire the most passionate of desires known to mankind. These gals whisk you away into a world of sexiness and kinkiness knowing no bounds. The mere vision of two girls caressing each other’s private and soft parts is certain to send you into a tizzy.

When you hire them for themed exotic or destination parties, they elevate the erotic mood of the parties with their seductive moves but even more significantly, it’s the way they go about such acts that make these no-holds barred parties quite unfit for the weak-hearted ones.

It’s just the way two extremely gorgeous and super sexy smart gals acting without any inhibitions that have you panting for more and more.