No strings attached: Why a one night stand may be right for you

Why keep people like this apart when they aren't ready for a relationship? A one night stand fixes this ... photo by CC user Superstylo on Flickr

When it comes to dating, people have got different needs and requirements. Some are in it for the long haul, others are more interested in finding a bit of hassle-free fun. This is one of the many lifestyle choices available in today’s modern society, but it is not just atypical of contemporary life.

The choice has always been there, both men and women have always had different takes on how they choose their dating partner. Today’s progressive’s attitudes frown less upon people who decide to have casual encounters rather than finding life partners. This is because society is evolving to be more tolerant of people’s different lifestyles and sexual activities, including the one night stand.

Too busy for relationships

In a society which encourages individualism and self-achievement, there is no limit to how busy one’s working schedule can be. In fact, some people are so hard working that their lifestyle leaves very little room for relationships, might they be romantic or even friendships.

Just because people are too busy to get into long term emotional commitments doesn’t mean that they do not have any needs. In fact, working long hours and travelling a lot for work can be very stressful, and often the best healthiest way to relieve this accumulated stress is to have a bit of bedroom fun.

It takes the edge off in a further way that other activities such as sports or having a few drinks can do. Busy at-work people can still have relationships, but those relationships are constantly put to the test by the absence of one of its parties. Couples where one half is constantly busy or away find it hard to stay together, unless that is what they want.

An independent soul

Being a casual dater isn’t always a syndrome of being too busy, some people are just not interested in committing to a long term partner. It is not just a matter of not wanting to take the plunge as much as wanting to be sexually active whilst keeping all the advantages of being single.

And being single is exactly how some want to live their lives, not having to be accountable to someone else and being able to focus on their own needs and desires. It might sound selfish and unrewarding to some but living one’s life the way they decide to is one of life’s true remaining freedoms.

Where people see beauty and romance in marriage, others just see it as meaningless conformism. Once again, being able to choose your own lifestyle is all down to individual choice.

Spice is the variety of life!

One of the clear advantages of casual dating is the experience that comes from hooking up with multiple partners. Being able to choose who we want based on their looks and other different attributes is a great freedom, and this can be done without hurting or manipulating people who may have different intentions.

The online community is full of like-minded strangers who want that exact same thing, and websites such as is a great example of a place to meet up with partners who are after a good no-strings-attached bit of bedroom fun. There is no point lying to people to get them in bed when you can find partners online who want exactly the same thing you do!