The Art of Getting Her to Orgasm

Getting your woman to climb the heights of passion and reach the ultimate release of an orgasm, can be the greatest gift you give her. With a little know-how, and possibly a few tries, you can soon be on your way to satisfying your woman, each and every time you make love.
man pleasuring womanThe first thing you want to do is to make sure your woman is completely relaxed. Turn down the lights, set some soft music to play in the background, and possibly a glass of wine or two, will help loosen you both up, and set the mood. Once you have her relaxed and in the mood, the chances of her succumbing to your touches, are much greater.

Building anticipation is the first key. Tease her a bit by touching and gently caressing her vagina. Feel the warmth build between her legs. Once the heat has built, insert just one finger into her vagina. Gently get to know the space – explore. Remember, it’s not a race to get her to orgasm, so take your time. While in your exploration mode, keep an eye on her face. Watch for signs she is being pleasured – moans and groans; little movements that tell you she is desiring more. Now you’ve got the heat turned on.

Use this opportunity to explore her whole body, making your way back to her vagina every few minutes to keep the heat turned up. While in exploration mode, talk to her. Tell her how hot she makes you. Tell her what you want her to feel, and how you plan to get her to feel this way. Use this time to compliment her and make her feel special.

Remember, the vagina is a complicated and misunderstood part of the body. It takes more than just thrusting in and out, to get her to reach orgasm. The power to make a woman climax is one of the most powerful skills a man could ever learn. It takes the right words and the most sensuous touches. Many men never master the art of bringing a woman to orgasm. But once you do, you may have your woman totally addicted to you. So use this skill wisely.

When she feels wet enough, begin to stimulate her G-Spot. Use the same motion you use to motion someone to you. Interchange the pace, get faster at times, then slow things down. This will keep her, and her vagina interested so that it swells with pleasure.

You’ll know when she is in full orgasm by feeling her vagina begin to swell and pulsate. Go with it, but never ask her if she had an orgasm. You will just know.