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Dear Mr. Nice Guy. You’ll Always Finish First.

OMG I love the article I've posted below. Believe it or not, my dad sent it to me. YES, big reveal. I have a father He's definitely a Nice Guy and I'm glad he is. Read the article below because it's awesome and I agree with everything Laura, the writer, says: An Open Letter To All The Nice Guys Out There: Don't Stop Trying Dear Mr. Nice Guy, Contrary to popular belief that you might finish last in this world, you absolutely come first for me. And not just for me, for a lot of other girls, too. We want Read More

There’s nothing wrong with wanting love and a relationship but the path we choose to achieve our desires has its own consequences

I listen to people express their desire for a relationship and romantic love and there are a significant portion of these who come across embarrassed and almost apologetic. They feel as if they have to defend how they feel and what they believe, and some of these people, when confronted with romantic partners who are presenting them with something less than mutually fulfilling, will back away from their desires for the sake of keeping the peace and not wanting to appear “uptight”. Next thing, they've been on a permanent date for numerous years with one particular person who keeps flip-flapping Read More

What if You Knew This Would Be Your Last Valentine’s Day as a Single?

What if you KNEW this was going to be your last Valentine's Day as a single woman over 40? The last one spent with “me, myself and I” or hanging with your kids or a pack of single girlfriends? How would that change how you react, what you do and how you feel about this “Singles Awareness Day?” If I had known that Valentine's Day 2005 was going to be my last as a single woman, here is what I might have done instead of grumbling about how stupid it was and feeling somehow “less-than” as I ate dinner and drank wine Read More

How To Be A Good Kisser

Have you ever had a great date with a woman who seemed to be really digging you, and then after the kiss, it was all downhill from there? She seemed to lose interest and maybe stopped returning your calls? If the date went great, the answer to her sudden change of heart lies in that goodnight kiss you gave her. Your kiss can make or break you with a woman! And I'm not talking about your tongue technique. There's more to a kiss than meets the eye (or the lips…), and I want to share that secret with you. YOU have the power Read More

6 Habits Keeping You In The Friend Zone

Just found this great article on the 6 habits keeping you in the friend zone. I agree with EVERYTHING said in the article. Read it and let me know what you think: 6 Habits Keeping You in the Friend zone When you're a dating instructor you meet all kinds of men with all kinds of love-life problems. I've met 50 year old divorcees looking to get their groove back on and I've met college kids trying to bang their hot professors. But the types of men that I deal with the most are those stuck in the dreaded friend zone. Which Read More