Does Speed Dating Work? Dating Roulette At Its Best

If you are looking for great ways to meet new people, then there are a variety of options for you to consider. Online dating, dating apps, dating agencies and of course dating events.

One of the most commonplace dating events that you can attend has to be speed dating. But what is speed dating and does it really work?

What is speed dating?

Thought to be a type of dating roulette, speed dating is an event whereby you can meet a high number of people in a short space of time. It is often held in a bar or restaurant where a group of single men and women come together.

Usually the women sit at tables, and the men will have 3 minutes to get to know them and chat before moving on to the next table. Each singleton is given a card whereby they can rate the person they have spoken to, and if you rate one another highly, then you are a match.

Does it work?

There are a number of pros and cons to consider before you start trying out speed dating, and your decision will really depend on what type of person you are.


The first is that it is ideal for those that are finding it hard to get out and meet people. They are organised in advance therefore those that are busy with work can book time off, and those that have a family to care for, can organise a babysitter.

They are also great if you are the type of person that is worried about meeting someone online, due to the safety. Speed dating events are safe and secure to attend, and if you need an extra bit of security then you can always ask a friend to come with you.

You also don’t need to worry about conversation too much. As you only get around 3 minutes to chat,  you are likely to ask/answer the same standard questions each and every time. That way you can ascertain if the person that you are talking to is perfect for you.


Whilst there are some benefits to speed dating, there are also some drawbacks too. One of the biggest is that your decision is based primarily on looks. Of course, you should fancy someone that you want to be in a relationship with, however, you need to have a mental connection too if the relationship is going to last. However it will be less of a problem if you’re just looking to have sex with no strings, but most speed dating sites emphasize on relationships rather than sex.

You also have to pay to attend, which may be a reason that some people are put off from heading there.

The thing to remember when it comes to speed dating, is that yes, it is a bit of a roulette when it comes to dating. But it also is a great way to meet new people too. You may not find the love of your life, but you will be able to brush up on your flirting skills and make sure that you are ready to find the one!