Using Cyberspace To Get Sexy in Different Ways

Of course, the internet has changed everything! That’s no surprise, and it also didn’t take long before scanned photos of naughty photos from porn magazines ended up online way back in the early nineties. And while finding internet porn is like shooting fish in a barrel, there’s a whole wide digital world for you to explore beyond just finding video clips on some of the most popular x-rated sites out there. Read on below to find out!


Press Spacebar to Stimulate


The goal of video games, in general, is to give you experiences you can never have in real life, and maybe because of graphics and technology, the sex industry didn’t seem that interested in getting involved for a long time (other than ‘Leisure Suit Larry’, but that was more silly than sexy). But now it’s become much easier not only to play a ‘choose your own adventure’-style sex game complete with hot photos and video but play with others as well through multiplayer sex games.


This is your chance to really try out some cybersex, where you can create your own character (or avatar) representing yourself, and then start to mingle with others in a virtual world. And while you might scoff at first, you will be surprised at how much the randy part of your brain will enjoy this new way of meeting people and then pulling off some impossible sex moves (thanks to some wild animations).


We are also on the cusp of virtual reality sex games and experiences. Why stare at a monitor and watch some naughty scenes when you can put on a pair of Google Glasses and get a first-person view of a beautiful model pleasuring you in the fake world? It will be a bit odd watching someone go down on you when they really aren’t, but this is definitely going to be a big part of our erotic future, so you owe it yourself to check it out.


New Chances to Meet Sexy People


It’s no surprise that the internet has taken over the dating world since people would rather text from their couch than ask ‘If you come here often?’ at the bar down the street. And if that’s where the dating world goes, you can believe that the sex worker world quickly follows. That means no matter where you are in the world or where you go, you are only a google search away from finding Peruvian, Vietnamese or even Utah Escorts

All these sites are meant to look and act just like dating apps, so you can master them in no time. It might actually be a pleasant wake-up call to this sexy world because you will be amazed at how many hot models are ready to meet you at a moment’s notice for an hour or two of wild fun. Searching for an escort who looks like a supermodel or is willing to do some very wild and kinky activities that you want to try is a lot easier than you think.


And it’s not just one night stands or wild weekends. Since we are in a time when people are completely rethinking the idea of relationships (meaning fewer people are getting married and many are open to ideas of multiple partners), the internet can help make those happen as well. Now you can find sites that specialize in swingers, or couples seeking a third wheel, and even sugar babies seeking a long-distance sugar daddy. What would have been a very difficult search in pre-internet times has become practically effortless.


Show Them What You Got


As internet connection speeds got faster, it wasn’t just dirty photos, but dirty video clips, and now it’s all HD and 4K quality so you can see every bead of sweat (or anything else) on the adult stars. But the real change is that it is no longer a one-way relationship. In fact, watching a pre-taped, heavily edited sex scene is almost getting stale. Now it’s all about providing a live experience, which means you are tuning into a model showing themselves off on a live sex cam, just the way you might watch a band do a live stream concert. 


It might be a solo show, or they might bring a friend on, but no matter what is happening on their bed, you are definitely getting a front-row seat. And you don’t have to do so silently, either. There is an opportunity to chat with them live and give them suggestions of things you would love to see them do. In one of the wilder examples of wireless blue-tooth technology, you can even take control of their sex toys, and when your press a button on your computer keyboard, it will vibrate in their hands (or wherever they happen to have put it).


If you are really hitting it off with this one cam model, they might ask for you to return the favour and shine the spotlight on yourself, which means setting up your own computer or phone to film yourself. It is a lot easier than you think, and there are plenty of websites that can show you how to get started. It might not be for everyone, but there’s a chance that if you like to get voyeuristic and watch people get naughty in this way, you might also enjoy showing off your exhibitionist side and letting people take a peep into your own naughty sexual fantasies.