Here is how to find the right online hookup site for you

It’s 2019, and the internet is inundated with hundreds, no, thousands of different websites to find some stranger to get dirty with. “With all of these different choices, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of dating sites out there” says sex and online dating expert Tony Parker, from Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of seven things to keep in mind when trying to figure out where to find your next virtual hookup.

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What do you want?

Before you delve deep into the bowels of the interweb in the search for some pleasure, it’s important to have a good understanding of exactly what you want. Are you looking for strictly virtual pleasure? Maybe a site like Omegle would suffice for you. Are you looking for no strings attached sex, wham, bam, thank you ma’am? Tinder would definitely be a recommendation for you. Or are you looking for something more? Maybe a hookup that could blossom into something serious? If that’s the case, you may want to try a site like Zoosk, which caters to both people looking for relationships as well as those looking for one-time pleasure. Knowing what you really want is key to choosing the best dating site for you.


Hook up vs Dating

Going off of the last tip, it’s important to know the difference between sites that are meant to establish relationships versus sites that are purely meant for dirty entertainment. How awkward would it be if you were looking for your Prince Charming and happily ever after, on Fuckbook, a site purely meant for dirty, one-time interactions. If you happen to be looking for love, try sites like eHarmony, which has a long history and positive reputation for being a reliable, trustworthy site to match compatible users. On the flip side, eHarmony is not a site for one time stands, and you can actually be reported and removed from the site if things get too vulgar. Taking things a step further, there are sites such as Christian Mingle, who unite users who are both looking for love and a shared religious passion.

There are also hybrid services such as Tinder and Zoosk, which have a reputation for attracting users who are looking for a quick hook up as well as those looking for something more. When using these services, just remember to take every interaction on a case by case basis. More times than not, it’s pretty immediately evident what someone’s intentions are, and you can determine for yourself what’s right for you and weed out what’s not.


What is your budget?

This isn’t something that most people think about when looking for a virtual hookup site, but it’s definitely something to consider. Most sites that facilitate virtual match ups aren’t free, and prices can vary. A service like Tinder is mostly free, however you are restricted in the number of swipes you have at your disposal, unless you’re willing to pay for additional swipes. There are also sites such as Fuckbook, that offer a wide range of features but at a premium cost. A whopping $39.95 per month. That’s nearly four times as much as a Netflix subscription!


How personal are you willing to get?

The online hookup world is, for the most part, shrouded in secrecy. Aside from services like Tinder, which link to users Facebook profiles, some sites give barebones information. Sometimes, you aren’t even offered real names to go by, just usernames. And for some people, that’s perfectly fine. For a one time hook up, especially for those only looking for virtual interactions and not a physical meetup, the less information given the better. Sites like Omegle typically cater to those only looking to exchange Snapchat usernames for a quick, dirty video call.


How often do you plan on using the service?

Some people only turn to online sites as a last resort. After a night at the club ends unfruitful, or your many attempts at wooing the attractive bartender went unnoticed. For you, services like Tinder would be right up your alley. In a few seconds, you suddenly have hundreds of possible options to cure your blue balls in a pinch. Best of all it’s free! However, if you’re someone who relies primarily on online services for the majority of your sex life, it may be worth it to invest some money into a premium service such as Passion or Fuckbook. These premium options remove the restrictions that there free counterparts place on its users, and increase your chances at finding exactly what you’re looking for.


What is your status?

While we definitely do not condone cheating, it would be unrealistic to think that the anonymity of online hookups doesn’t attract curiosity outside of one’s relationship. If this is the case for you, there are sites out there that connect you with other users in relationships, with the promise of utmost secrecy and privacy. Sites like Ashley Madison connect you with users who are also looking to step out on their significant others. Of course, the advantage here is that both parties have equal risk, meaning it is to everyone’s benefit to remain hush hush about what’s going on. Again, this is a shady site that facilitates shady scenarios, but to each their own.


What’s your niche?

Different people have different needs. A college undergrad is going to have a different experience online than a freshly divorced mother of three. It’s all about finding your niche and your community online. For example, someone who frequently travels and doesn’t really have a home base may find a site like Tourbar more advantageous to them. The site allows you to input your travel plans, and meet potential hookups prior to your arrival at your destination. That way, if you only have a weekend to spend in a certain city, you don’t have to waste time finding matches, you can already have someone lined up when you exit the plane.

Similarly, with the rise of “sugar services”, there are sites that cater to those who are looking to take care of, or be taken care of. Sites like Seeking Arrangements connects potential sugar daddies to their prospective future sugar babies. It’s all about finding your community.