Hot Tips for Exploring Your Most Outrageous Fantasies

Most of us have a few dark and naughty fantasies lurking in the back of our heads. Some are a bit tame whereas others might be so taboo we can barely admit them to ourselves, let alone anyone else.

For the most part, it is OK to explore your innermost fantasies in a safe environment and as long as the other person is a consenting adult, it shouldn’t be illegal. However, this will depend on whereabouts in the world you live, as in some cultures many sexual acts are highly illegal and subject to various draconian punishments. It doesn’t even need to be a sex act in some countries!

For example, any public display of affection in the United Arab Emirates is forbidden and punishable by a stint in jail, after which you will be swiftly deported. If you go to Spain, don’t have sex on the beach, as it is likely to cost you a huge fine. And in Uruguay, playing away with another man’s wife means the husband is legally allowed to castrate or kill you, so she better be super-hot in the sack.

Once you have established that your secret thrill is legal, you can make plans to bring your fantasies to life in a safe way. What are your options?

Be Nice to Your Partner

In an ideal world, your partner is the person you should take with you on a sexual thrill-seeking journey, but it depends on what you want to try. Hopefully you have the kind of relationship where you can talk about anything in the bedroom, but if you don’t, broach the subject carefully when both are you are feeling relaxed. If they express abject horror at your suggestion, don’t push it. Instead, leave it a while and then raise the subject again at a later date to see if they are a bit more amenable.

If they are open to the idea, continue talking and see where it takes you.

Create a Safe Environment

The important thing when exploring any sexual fantasies, whether you want to try role play or BDMS, is to do it in a safe environment where both parties don’t feel under pressure and know they can call a halt to the proceedings if they are uncomfortable.

Always discuss the rules before you begin. For example, if you are trying a threesome for the first time, decide in advance what each partner is allowed to do, so if kissing is out of the question, make this clear before you get naked. If you don’t, things could get ugly later.

Book an Escort

Booking an escort from a long standing London escort agency is an ideal way to explore your sexual fantasies in a safe environment. Couples can experiment with another attractive woman without fear of ruining their primary relationship and men can try new things out with a non-judgemental female.

Sometimes fantasies are best left in the imagination, so don’t be in a huge rush to make your fantasies real, or you could end up disappointed.