How to pick up chicks in Sydney

photo by CC user evarinaldiphotography on Flickr

Mystified how one can live in a city as massive and cosmopolitan as Sydney, Australia, and still struggle to get women? With a guarded attitude that comes with living in such a big metropolis, getting some can be a challenge. By knowing where to go and what to do though, learning how to pick up chicks in Sydney will prove to be easier than you originally thought.

Hit the beach

In Sydney, the subtropical climate means that the numerous excellent beaches found within and near city limits are a preferred venue for socializing for many local women and men throughout much of the year.

With an abundance of tanned and fit bodies, those looking to score a fine looking chick will do well to cruise the likes of Bondi, Coogee and Manly Beach. As long as you are willing to play it cool, have fun and not rush things along, you might find yourself being invited back to lucky lady’s house so you can “get to know each other better”.

Mix it up at some of Sydney’s hottest nightspots

Those seeking to find a special someone for a night of uninhibited fun in Sydney will also hit the nightclubs in districts such as King’s Cross in search of girls that aren’t seeking Mr. Right.

In these venues, Mr. Right Now will do, provided they aren’t creepy, are confident, and have a fun-loving persona.

Do have a few drinks if that’s your thing, but don’t go overboard: a dude who is a drunken mess is a major turn off to most desirable chicks.

Don’t be afraid to wade into the “friend zone”

You might think that cruising dating sites, joining co-ed sport leagues, and other groups that pair singles with like interests as something for those that are seeking longer term relationships, but making lady friends is the key to getting into Sydney’s tightly knit private party scene.

By getting in the good books of chicks that throw parties in their flats or homes, you’ll find yourself in intimate venues where you don’t have to compete with music that is turned up to 11, making it easy to seal the deal with friends of your friend that just want a one night encounter with a dude that they can trust (due to your association with said lady friend).

When all else fails, even intimate encounters have their price

Frustrated with the lack of progress that your efforts in the above mentioned areas have gotten you? While playing the field in Sydney successfully can take time, your biological needs may not be as patient.

By enlisting the services of companies like Escorts And Babes, you can find yourself in the presence of girls that are more liberally minded that your average Sydney broad, making a special encounter a virtual certainty.