Why Would People Post their Nude Photos to the Public?

You’re not alone if you’re completely baffled that people would post nude pictures online. To many it seems like an utterly absurd and possibly dangerous idea with no upside. That just means you’re not an exhibitionist, because for the men and women that are thrilled by public exposure and by people watching them, the internet has been a boon to their sex lives.


Exhibitionism Drives Nude Picture Posting

In general, all seemingly strange human behavior makes complete sense to the person doing it (unless they’re insane, of course). It might seem odd to you that the lovely couple down the street would post nude wife pics to a voyeur site, but to them it’s a significant part of their sex life because they both derive great pleasure, satisfaction, and arousal from it. It’s likely that before the internet came along and made such things possible they were having fun without sharing by engaging in public play and flashing and now they get to show off to the world.

What used to be an upskirt or breast flash in a public park or at a restaurant can be something that thousands of people see. For a true exhibitionist that can be intoxicating in a way most of us just don’t understand. A sharing couple will browse the comments, look at the number of views, and interact with the people that enjoyed their submission as a form of foreplay. To them, it’s just as good as making out or the woman putting on a hot lingerie set to seduce her man. In fact, it’s even better because it taps into the arousal center of their brains in a deeply satisfying way.

Sharing Nude Pics Builds Confidence

Don’t underestimate the incredible confidence boost a woman can get by sharing her pictures online. It might seem trivial, but reading the positive comments of strangers can make a married woman feel sexier than she ever thought possible. Knowing that even though she’s not thrilled with her body that lots of people love it can lead her to try new things and can easily invigorate a couple’s experience in the bedroom.

Posting a naked wife picture to any old photo sharing site can be risky because there are almost always going to be trolls that will say something nasty, but if the couple limits their sharing to a tight knit community the results will be positive no matter what. A moderated community is also a good idea since mean comments are likely to be deleted. There are lots of reasons a woman or couple might post pictures online and you can rest assured that they’re almost always well-intentioned, even if you can’t understand the motivation.