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Flirt online with style: Choose the best online dating site only

The brain does not need more than a tenth of a second to evaluate the first impression. However, this looks a bit different with online dating than in real life. Here, users spend an average of five seconds on each profile. For this reason, casual daters with an original and meaningful profile have better chances to make a lasting impression. A list of hobbies such as sports, activities and interests or the favorite films and books represent everyday life and also tell something about the personality. The

Does Speed Dating Work? Dating Roulette At Its Best

If you are looking for great ways to meet new people, then there are a variety of options for you to consider. Online dating, dating apps, dating agencies and of course dating events. One of the most commonplace dating events that you can attend has to be speed dating. But what is speed dating and does it really work? What is speed dating? Thought to be a type of dating roulette, speed dating is an event whereby you can meet a high number of people in a short space of time. It is often

5 Tips for Dating a Ukrainian Woman

So you’ve met a beautiful Ukrainian woman online. You’ve exchanged dozens of romantic emails, spent hours talking to each other on the phone, and now it’s finally time for your first date. We can help you turn it into a fantastic experience with these 5 tips: 1.Be a gentleman Ukrainian women are independent and believe in gender equality. However, equality doesn’t mean throwing good manners out of the window. Any Ukrainian woman enjoys being treated like a lady, so don’t forget to

How to pick up chicks in Sydney

Mystified how one can live in a city as massive and cosmopolitan as Sydney, Australia, and still struggle to get women? With a guarded attitude that comes with living in such a big metropolis, getting some can be a challenge. By knowing where to go and what to do though, learning how to pick up chicks in Sydney will prove to be easier than you originally thought. Hit the beach In Sydney, the subtropical climate means that the numerous excellent beaches found within and near city limits

How Much?! Totting Up the Bill On Famous First Dates!

Ever watched a Hollywood movie and thought ‘that would never have happened in real life?!' Of course you have … Apparently fairytale romance comes with a price, as when it comes to love and movies, first dates often prove costly. American food brand Shari's Berries have done some fun research this week – working out exactly how much was spent on dates in a whole range of films, as well as whether the couple found true love in the end or not! The quintessential dating film of our youth … And a realistic date setting! (Though that's still well over Read More